About me


I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in Linguistics. I was born in Singapore but spent most of my childhood in Leduc, Alberta. I graduated from Beaumont Composite High School before serving in the Singapore Armed Forces from 2015 to 2017.

I received a traditional Java-based programming education from which I may never fully recover. When I write programs for fun I like to write in C, OCaml/Haskell/ML, PostScript, and Scheme. My academic interests include:

My favourite polygon is the pentagon.

As a certified First Responder, I volunteer with the McGill Student Emergency Response Team.

When I’m not writing programs or attending school, I enjoy bouldering, travelling, photography, and playing video games.

My CV is available in both TeX (compile with either XeTeX or Plain TeX) and PDF formats.