This is a landing page for things that, for whatever reason, might not have a place elsewhere on the site. Because blog posts are tied to a specific date, if I write something I plan to update in the future, I’d rather keep it off the blog archive. Non-technical stuff will also go here.

Expository notes

E1. On the probability that two integers are relatively prime (TeX)
E2. The Burnside problem (TeX)
E3. Weyl trees of famous irrational numbers (code)
E4. A crash course on generating functions (TeX)
E5. On the divisibility of a random variable (TeX)
E6. The Littlewood-Offord problem (TeX, video)

Science and mathematics

Literate programs

These programs are written in CWEB, and are meant to be read! I have also included the C and PDF outputs so you don’t have to download a CWEB compiler to read them.

TeX macros

If you wish to compile my sources from TeX, you’ll need to download these macros and typeset using the Plain TeX engine. Feel free to use and modify them for your own purposes as well.

If you use LaTeX and want your documents to kind of look like my Plain TeX documents, I have a LaTeX .sty file that sort of approximates it. You can see a demo I prepared (LaTeX/PDF). I’m not going to keep this updated though, so if you like the style you should consider switching to Plain TeX. Terms and conditions apply. GohLaTeX should not be used to typeset machine learning documents.